I am an escort not a prostitute! Would say every woman who works in this industry and respects herself. An escort girl is not a woman who expects her clients at the corner of the street and through seductive lines tries to convince a man to come to her bed. In case of an escort things are much different. An agency filters the clients and arranges meetings with the girls and only those who offer respect and have serious demands have the privilege to spend the night with the girls.


Escort girls are like a geisha


The company of an escort is different because the client can have pleasant conversations on various topics with her and sex is treated like art. A prostitute is strictly concentrated to offer from the beginning the sex services she was payed for and that’s it. But an escort can come with you to parties or in trips if you would like her services to accompany you everywhere. The job of an escort requires class and education. And if you would like a comparison, then we could say that this kind of job is much alike with the work of a geisha, in which case you had to be well taught to know how to behave in a high society and to impress with your presence.

The clients of escorts are people with jobs like doctor, business man, proffesors, artists and manny others. But to satisfy all their needs an escort have to master the art of conversation and to know what to offer to a man even when he doesn’t ask you.

Lately escorts have their own apartments where they expecting the clients for an hour or even for the entire night to offer pleasure in a intimate and pleasant atmosphere. You can talk with an escort about anything and she will try even to help you fix your problems in the relationship you have. If it’s good chemistry you can meet the second time to.

Let the prejudices away and satisfy even your most hidden fantasies


To become an escort you can’t be any girl. You have to master the art of conversation, to be smart, to offer high performances and to read every client in the first minutes to know how to offer him the pleasure he seeks. A satisfied client will come the second time to and in this way an escort can make her own client portfolio.

The list of services of an escort varies and that is because every one of them has certain taboos but you don’t have to insist on them because that will not be possible to offer and there could be chances to end the night if you ask something that she wouldn’t do.

When the clients arrive they are waited in a pleasant atmosphere, not on the street as manny would say even if they don’t know the difference between a prostitute and an escort girl.

An escort can offer you an unforgettable night and unique experiences so, call right now an scort and enjoy every minute spent with her.